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Edil Euganea S.r.l. evaluates the privacy of every user which visit our website and use our services.

We have updated the Privacy Policy of the consent to the use of personal data, adapting it to the new European legislation (GDPR): as owner of the consent to the use of personal data given by everyone, Edil Euganea S.r.l. thinks that informing clearly our visitors regarding the personal data collected and the purpose of this collection it’s an important requirement to establish a good relationship based on trust and transparency.


With this policy you can be aware of the details listed below:

  1. Which data Edil Euganea S.r.l. collects?
  2. Why Edil Euganea S.r.l. collects these data?
  3. For how long Edil Euganea S.r.l. stores these data?
  4. With whom Edil Euganea S.r.l. can share these data?
  5. Which are the rights of Edil Euganea S.r.l. users?
  6. Others information


  1. Which data Edil Euganea S.r.l. collects?

To organise our web site (“Site”) and/or to provide relevant information we can use some of your information, also personal (the “Data”): these can be obligatory, facultative or simply implicit in the working of the informatic system that regulates our services.

Navigation Data – Elements saved by the browser when someone navigates on the Internet and can be used to improve the navigation inside a website. In this category there are the computer’s IP address used by the users in order to connect themselves to the website, the resources requested URL, the request time, etc. The informatic system and the software designated to the working process of the website, acquires, in the curse of the normal exercise, some personal data which their transmission is implicit in the use of communication protocols of the Internet.

Cookies – Technical cookies are used to provide a better service to the users and to those users that there isn’t expected the consent; Profiling cookies are used to send advertisements of Edil Euganea S.r.l. products in relation to the user behaviour who navigate on our website; we use third-party cookies to permit the sharing of articles of our website on user’s social profiles. Edil Euganea S.r.l. doesn’t use cookies to transmit the personal information to the use of third-party advertisement.

Others information provided by the user through direct and indirect contact way with Edil Euganea S.r.l. – support petition through Edil Euganea S.r.l. official channel are an example (like our form, our official email, direct contact through social network).


  1. Why Edil Euganea S.r.l. collects these data?

We use your contact information and your information on how you use the services:

To manage all the information and help requests with users and customers – in case of doubt, perplexity and support requests, we make ourselves available;

To extract anonym statistic information on the working use of the website (for example, access number) and to control the correct working of it. An example is the navigation data: this information isn’t collected to be associated to identify users but, for its nature, could permits the user identification. They are cancelled immediately after their elaboration;

To research and development, to improve services that we offer through our portal;

For security matters, to verify account and activity, to control suspected or illicit activities and to identify violation of the service policy;

To protect our legitimate interests and our rights in the case provided by the normative;

For others motivations not inserted in this list, with the authorization done by every specific users.


How do we conserve the information collected?

All personal data collected and here below illustrated will be collected by our database presented in our server authorized in Edil Euganea S.r.l. license.


The automatized and directed emails communication between Edil Euganea S.r.l. and its users

The emails represent for Edil Euganea S.r.l. a direct way of communication with its users: they are essential to inform and to interact with all users, they are a precious channel to permit to every users to enjoy different opportunities and to be updated on the enterprise activities of their interest.

Every user registered to our website receives:

Edil Euganea S.r.l. staff communication in case of help, quotation or other necessities of our customers or potential customers.


  1. For how long Edil Euganea S.r.l. stores these data?

Your data are not stored beyond the necessary time to the purposes specified above.

We store your data only with the purpose of administrative character and for a maximum period of 3 months, except for any legal exemption.


  1. With whom Edil Euganea S.r.l. can share these data?

Edil Euganea S.r.l. can share users’ data with our services suppliers who are established inside European Union territory and will treat the data as independent owners or as data processors, for the only purpose of managing the website and/or providing services and with other third parties where there is a legal obligation or we are authorized to do so. A complete list of these subjects could be requested to us, writing to the contacts here indicated.


  1. Which are the rights of Edil Euganea S.r.l. users?

In every moment, every user has the right:

To ask the adjustment or cancellation of the consent (oblivion right);

To ask the limitation of the consent of personal data of him/her or stand in the way of, to legitimate purpose, their consent;

To ask the portability of data to another service, if it’s technically possible;

To cancel the consent in every moment without compromise the legality of the consent based of the security policy;

To seek help from Data Protection Authority and to make a complaint to a supervisory authority.


How to enter and modify the information provided

You can consult in every moment the information and the data concerned to you calling our offices.


  1. Other information

This Policy Privacy can be modified?

Edil Euganea S.r.l. can update this Policy Privacy in compliance with current regulations. All the users will be informed on the significative modification, notifying an announcement through our website.


For others necessities, you can contact us through our delivery access:

Responsible for the protection and processing of personal data:

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